As a huge fight fan (both MMA and boxing) I decided to create a quick list of all the potential dream fights that I would love to see in the next year or 2.  Everything I listed is possible and feasible.  Hopefully 2 years from now, we can look back on this list and say we were able to cross most of them off.  Right now I’m posting my MMA matchups, tomorrow I’ll do boxing


  • Georges St-Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks this one is obvious, champion vs. #1 contender bout, and is expected to happen sooner then later. The only thing that can throw a wrench in this is GSP vs. Anderson Silva, and I’d be quite alright with that.
  • Georges St-Pierre v Anderson Silva No brainer, anyone who has been watching MMA for the past 5-10 years, knows that this is the clash of the 2 biggest and most successful UFC fighters ever.
  • Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones This bout is right there with the GSP v Anderson one.  In fact I’d be ever more excited for this one. I think Anderson would handle GSP, but this fight I can’t call it.  The winner though in my mind is the GOAT.  These guys used to say they would never fight eachother, but I think Dana can make it happen.  Especially since Jones has cleared out his division.
  • Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier Cormier is probably the UFC’s best kept secret right now.  He’s a fairly small heavyweight, and if you look at him, he can clearly and easily get down to 205 (he looks like a fat slob).  Cormier is an animal, and unfortunately refuses to fight his friend and training partner (Champion Cain Valasquez).  The no brainer move is to drop to 205 to fight Jones, and its likely to happen eventually
  • Dominic Cruz vs. Renan Barao Fortunately for us, this fight is 100% going down.  Unfortunately we have no idea when.  Champion vs. Interim champion,  A battle to find a true #1 in the bantamweight champion.  We’ll get to see this as soon as Cruz heals from his injury.
  • Anthony Pettis vs. Jose Aldo This one is also going down.  In fact it’s already booked and signed up for.  If I had to show someone MMA who has never watched a single fight in their life, this is the fight I would make them watch.  Pettis is dropping down from lightweight to face 1 of the most dominant champions of all time in Aldo.  Pettis is the most exciting striker I have ever seen.  Gonna be guaranteed fireworks.
  • Nick Diaz vs. Rory Macdonald Who knows if we’ll ever even see the enigma that is Nick Diaz ever fight again.  But if he does come back this matchup is a no brainer.  I can guarantee both guys will come out there making sure they give the fans an entertaining show.  To be honest Macdonald is a matchup nightmare for Nick, but I still get very excited thinking of this fight.
  • Roy Nelson vs. Mark Hunt The 2 big fat heavyweights in the UFC with the hardest heads imaginable.  Both guys have been in absolute wars with some of the baddest heavyweights on the planet, and both guys have never been knocked out.  If you don’t know  Mark Hunts story I suggest you look it up, cause its amazing and inspirational.  These 2 are knockout artists and with their insane chins, I truly can’t imagine how this one would play out.  I just picture a fight of the year every angle I think about it from.
  • Ben Askren vs. Carlos Condit Yeah this one is a little weird.  I decided I have to throw a non UFC guy in there. So I picked one of the most dominant champs in all of MMA in Askren.  The guy is pretty boring most of the time, but noone can argue his dominance and results.  I picked Condit cause I’m not quite sure we can list GSP as a fair opponent to him yet.  I’d love to see what Askren can do with Condit, it would be the perfect measuring stick.
daily kale shakes…

I’ve been extremely lazy and inactive with this blog.  I have recently decided to go into full blown beast mode in terms of exercise, health, and nutrition.  So this site is about to take a turn in that direction and keep up with my progress and any cool things I eat or pick up along the way.  This first post is going to be about a ritual of mine for about a year now. It is my daily kale shake.  The health benefits of kale are amazing and is probably the healthiest green you can eat.  Every day around lunch time I make myself one of these shakes and it pretty much seals the deal on all the recommended amounts of daily healthy nutrients and vitamins.

So here’s my recipe….

  • 1-2 handfuls of kale.  I usually just throw in enough that the blender fills up with it, without pushing down on it.
  • 1/4 cup of almond milk
  • Squeeze 1/2 lemon
  • 1/2-3/4 of a cucumber
  • Diced pineapple
  • 1 full banana
  • 1 table spoon of raw stevia
  • 1 table spoon of coconut oil
  • 5 ice cubes

This recipe is delicious, surprisingly filling, and I think the health benefits of it are obvious.  In the end I usually end up with approximately 20-30ozs of juice.  I highly recommend this to any and everyone.  It tastes good, and is so ridiculously good for you.  You’re can feel the positive physical benefits in your body, and it’s also healthy for your mind knowing that you ingested all of this nutrition. And even though I love this recipe, the cool thing is that as long as you have the kale in it, you can put anything your heart pleases inside.  As long as its a fruit or veggie and has health benefits, feel free to make anything you like.

This Boston shit…
Do you all know who Bradley Manning is? I bet more then half of you don’t. He’s a US soldier who leaked classified documents to wikileaks and has been in solitary confinement without any due process for well over a year now. If the government is capable of treating this man like this (a man who many consider a true patriot) and the media can allow it to happen with basically no coverage, then there is absolutely no reason why they can’t do the same for the psychopath scumbags who commit atrocities like Aurora, Boston, and Sandy Hook. If and when this person gets caught you know the media is gonna plaster his face all over the papers, and give him exactly what he wants. They’re gonna publish his manifestos and every bit of info he has (and most of it surely will be things he prepped for this moment and wants released). Every insane person who wants to do shit like this will see this as motivation to commit similar acts.
My point is, let’s stop giving these people what they want. They want the fame, they want (what in their eyes) is the glory. If they can brush Bradley Manning under the rug, then they can surely do the same with this. Media wants info? Tell them “No comment, it’s classified”. Also maybe the media can do the right thing and just put out the basic facts but not make this guy a celebrity, and become his mouthpiece to the masses publishing his crazy thoughts and ideas for the next 6 months. Due process and fair trial? Well Manning didn’t receive that and I don’t see any backlash over it. Lock the guy in solitary confinement and “Zero Dark Thirty” his ass. I bet the Aurora shooter is sitting in a nice clean jail cell disrespecting the guards (cuz they’re not allowed to touch him) Meanwhile we are 100% sure he’s guilty and should be torturing him, and actually making him regret his actions.
It’s time we stop being pussies and start making people think twice about committing acts like this. I guarantee if these people knew they were in for a life of confinement and torture, and will never be heard from or seen again, it would help prevent things, and also make everyone else feel safer, and glad that ACTUAL justice is taking place.


I am one of the biggest Slim Shady fans you will ever talk to.  I took a lot of time to take basically every single Eminem guest appearance verse, isolate just his verse, and then zip them all up and put it into one convenient file for everyone’s pleasure.  You will never find a better Eminem compilation in your entire life.  There’s about 2 hours of nothing but Eminem’s verses on here, everything you can think of all the way up until his latest shit here in 2013.  If you don’t have Em in your top 5 emcee list, I guarantee you after you listen to this you will at least reconsider. I’m just gonna go ahead and say you’re welcome

The word “Elite” in the NFL…


So it seems like the most popular word these days to describe quarterbacks is “elite”.  Right now the huge debate amongst fans is, “Is Joe Flacco amongst the elite quarterbacks in the NFL”.  This word has been thrown around a lot lately and I think it would be a good idea to examine the word, who in my mind deserves the title, and maybe knock some sense into the people who love to throw it around so often.

First and foremost let’s look at the word and it’s definition…

e·lite or é·lite 

a. A group or class of persons or a member of such a group or class, enjoying superior intellectual, social, or economic status:

b. The best or most skilled members of a group: the football team’s elite

Ok now with that said let’s take this word and apply it into football terms.  The elite quarterbacks need to be the best and most skilled
It say’s it right there in the definition.  Notice it doesn’t say anything about winning.  So right off the bat when I look for the elite quarterbacks, before anything else I’m immediately going to look at the statistics (Because the stats are what measures a players skills).  The stats are also the key to this argument because football is a team game.  So when a player wins a game, whether it be a blow out or down the stretch, he’s out there winning that game with the rest of his team.  However when a player throws a touchdown or a pick, he did that himself. (I do realize that a players stats can be heavily impacted by his WRs and lineman but let’s not split hairs here)   So without boring everyone and saturating this entry with a ton of statistics, I simply examined the NFL leaders in T.D’s, interceptions, and QBR (Quarterback Rating) over the last 5 years.  After taking a look at the trends, it made it pretty clear cut who were amongst the bourgeois of QB’s. It goes…

  • Tom Brady
  • Peyton Manning (Missed all of 2011)
  • Drew Brees
  • Aaron Rodgers

Those 4 guys were in the top 10 (almost always the top 5) of the good categories every single year, and rarely in the INT category.  Now considering the fact that all of these guys have won Super Bowls, I think everyone would agree that they are elite.  The question is, if one of them never won a Super Bowl would they still be? I say yes (Dan Marino style), but I’m sure many would say no. 

Now comes the real argument.  What about Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Flacco, Tony Romo, and Matt Ryan?  OK well even though Romo and Ryan put up great stats, neither of them put up consistent league leading monster stats, often enough to erase the stigma that they are choke artists who cannot win the big game, so strike them from the list.  The other 3 guys are basically what this whole “elite” argument boils down to.  I used to consider Eli and Ben elite.  But after this Sundays Super Bowl I’ve changed my mind.  Cause that would mean I have to put Flacco up in that category too, and in the end if you put any of these guys on the list with the above mentioned names, it’s kind of a slight to them.  Eli and Ben are GREAT, CLUTCH, WARRIORS, HALL OF FAMERS, but let’s face it, they’re just not on on those other guys level, and the statistics show it. 

For now on I think we should all look at NFL quarterbacks in tiers.  In the last few years the first tier has been deemed “The Elite Tier” and there’s only 4 guys in it (Brady, Rodgers, Peyton, and Brees).  To be in that class you must consistently be a top 5 monster in the stat category and hold a ring.  The second tier is where I put Ben, Eli, and Flacco.  So basically the standard of the second tier will be great hall of fame bound player with a Superbowl ring.  Now I hope people don’t get angry that I just called their QB second tier (even though I also call him an all time great, hall of fame player).  I know people get butt hurt about this topic, but just face it, you’re guy is good but he’s not THAT GOOD.  Then the third tier will boil down to stats, this is where we can put Matt Ryan, Matt Schaub, and even the amazing rookies that blessed the field this year.  And then we’ll skip over a bunch of guys and designate our “Bum Dirtbag Tier” where you will find Mark Sanchez and Jemarcus Russell (HAHA)


Anthony “Showtime” Pettis, probably the flashiest and most exciting striker in all of MMA, is taking his #1 contender status from lightweight to featherweight and is challenging the champion Jose Aldo, in what looks to be on paper possibly the most exciting striking matchup of all time.  Yes folks just look at all these GIFs and start salivating over the potential matchup that should take place in the middle of 2013

Jose Aldo, The 145 pound champion of the world, widely considered to be top 5 pound for pound, known as one of the most explosive and dangerous strikers in all of MMA, especially for his knees to the face and leg kicks, is set to take on Anthony Pettis who is widely regarded as the flashiest striker in fighting.

UFC 156 Fallout…

So the UFC’s Superbowl Saturday mega show has come and gone and even though it was an entertaining card, in many fans minds it didn’t quite live up to the hype action wise (which is usually the case for the cards that look amazing on paper).  But now after the smoke has cleared, there are definitely huge implications for the future landscape of the UFC, including some huge title fights.

Heres a rundown of the card.

Joseph Benavidez v Ian Mccall was an entertaining scrap.  The fight was pretty close and as usual the Flyweights put on an MMA clinic with their lighting speed and technical mastery.  I have to admit though, I’m still not fully sold on the division.  In my opinion the Bantamweight division is small enough.  My problem with the division is no one ever gets finished.  I probably sound like a dick when I say this but when I know the whole time that no ones gonna get finished I’m just not that entertained.  So even though the fight was what we like to call a “clinic”, it never had me on the edge of my seat.  The whole time I watch these fights I make sure I pay close attention to the score, because I know that the chances of a K.O are slim to none.  In the end Benavidez did what he had to do to clearly take the victory, and in this brand new division with an extremely thin roster, this win should be enough to earn Benavidez a title shot.  The only other guy who has a case for a title shot is John Moraga who is 2-0 in the UFC but is relatively unheard of.  Since Benavidez and champion Demetrius Johnson already fought once for the title, in a razor thin decision, it makes sense.  So expect Benavidez to take on Johnson in the near future for the title.  For Mccall, the only scenarios I see for him is fighting John Dodson, or the UFC throwing him a bone and feeding him someone he should kill, Mccall deserves an easy fight considering he’s fought Benavidez and Johnson twice (the consensus 1 and 2 ranked guys in the division)

Demian Maia v Jon Fitch

This fight was awesome to MMA purists.  The retarded blood thirsty Affliction shirt, tattoo, mohawk fans, and all the fair weather fans around the world probably thought the fight sucked, but anyone who knows their shit recognized they were witnessing something special.  Maia looked absolutely amazing in this bout.  What he did to Fitch was insane.  The only time I’ve ever seen Fitch  dominated (in almost 20 UFC fights) was against GSP.  Maia took Fitch down in 1 second and had his back the entire 5 minutes of the first round, and that beginning was exactly how the entire fight panned out. It’s a shame Maia couldn’t get the finish but against Jon Fitch it’s totally understandable why he didn’t.  This fight knocked Fitch (who’s age and miles are probably catching up to him) way far back in the pack (Fitch will almost surely never be in title contention again and will play the role of gatekeeper for now on).  Maia on the other hand is now 3-0 against very solid opponents at Welterweight, and may just be a fight or 2 out of a title shot.  With Nick Diaz fighting for the title in March,  Rory MacDonald v Carlos Condit and Johnny Hendricks v Jake Ellenberger squaring off on the same card, it’s tough to say whats next in this stacked division.  If GSP beats Diaz then you can probably count both Condit and MacDonald out for a title shot (GSP just dominated Condit, and MacDonald will probably decline the title shot because him and GSP are training partners and friends).  So with a GSP victory (which is most likely), expect the winner of Hendricks and Ellenberger to get the next shot.  So if this is the case I would put Maia in there against any one of the others.  There’s also the potential scenario where GSP leaves the division altogether to move up to Middleweight and if that’s the case the UFC could put together a little 4-8 man bracket to determine a new champ (how fun would that be).  Lastly if Maia and the UFC don’t wanna wait that long then perhaps he can fight Martin Kampmann or even Tyron Woodley (coming off a huge and impressive win at 156 with a knockout over Jay Heiron).  Bottom line is the Welterweight division is stacked!

Alistair Overeem v Antonio Silva

All I can say about this one, is WOW was it satisfying to see Overeem get knocked the fuck out.  Let’s face it, the dude is an MMA villain.  When the steroid allegations turn into cold hard facts, then you’re automatically a villain.  But add also the way Reem talked all his shit before the fight (to the very likeable gentle giant), and then during the fight had a cocky smirk on his face the whole time and kept his hands down. UGH did he come off like a douche bag.  So watching him get knocked out in such brutal fashion was pretty fun.  You can clearly tell Reem got under Bigfoots skin too, cause Silva did not wanna stop pounding him after the ref jumped in, and Silva could not stop talking shit all the way up until the day after the fight.  In the end Overeem losing was definitely a big blow to Dana White, Joe Silva and the UFC.  You know they were banking on Reem winning and challenging Cain Velasquez for the Heavyweight title.  Now they need to figure something else out.  Do they give Dos Santos an immediate shot, and play up the trilogy storyline?  Is this win enough to give Bigfoot a title shot? (which would be a tough sell considering Cain brutalized Bigfoot not even a year ago).  And then there’s Daniel Cormier who is completely deserving of a title shot but unfortunately him and Cain won’t fight each other since they’re buddies and training partners.  My prediction is Cain v JDS III, and then they can book Reem and Bigfoot in fights against the likes of Nelson, Struve, and Barnett.  But let me reiterate something that I know for a fact.  Reem’s loss really screwed up the UFC’s plans

Rashad Evans v Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

No need to spend too much time talking about this one.  The fight was awful.  It was so awful that it made an otherwise entertaining card seem lackluster.  It was so bad that both the fighters involved have been knocked several rungs down the ladder of contendership.  In the end Lil Nog won, but I even have a problem calling him a winner.  He was just less boring and lethargic then Rashad was.  Rashad seemed to be playing patty cake with him, pawing at him for 15 minutes straight while Nog was able to throw an occasional kick or jab to steal the rounds and the win.  I’m not really sure whats next for these guys.  Lil Nog has kinda found himself as a big name in the middle of the pack, who can play gatekeeper to upcoming prospects, or fight fading stars in nostalgia based fights.  Rashad on the other hand should re-examine his entire career.  I think it’s definitely fair to say that ever since his move to the “Blackzilians” his career (both in the win-loss, and the excitement departments) have gone south.  There’s also nothing really left for him at 205 since Jones already beat him, and now after this loss it would take him at least 3 impressive stoppages to get back in the picture.  There’s been rumors of Rashad going to 185, so for his careers sake that would probably be the best idea.

Jose Aldo v Frankie Edgar

In an exciting back and forth fight that lived up to the hype, Frankie Edgar (The Rocky Balboa of the UFC) once again has come up just short on the judges scorecards.  In a fight that played out exactly how knowledgeable fans could have predicted.  Aldo comes out hot in rounds 1 and 2 and pretty much dominates and makes it look like Edgar has no shot.  But then in the 3rd Edgar starts to come back with his ridiculous stamina, speed, and heart and steal rounds 3 and 4 in convincing fashion.  So on my card I had Aldo take 1 and 2 and Edgar win 3 and 4.  I thought Frankie was gonna come out and steamroll Aldo in round 5 but to the champions credit he dug deep, kept his wits, and was able to win the round against a guy with more stamina and experience in the championship rounds .  My scoring (or anyone who knows anything) doesn’t matter though, because once again the incompetence of the judges showed it’s ugly face once again, when 2 of them scored the fight 4-1 in favor of Aldo (how? why? you people suck!).  In the end I’m sure there’s plenty of angry Frankie fans out there who thought he should of won the fight.  I don’t necessarily disagree, but I will say the fight was close enough where I wouldn’t be up in arms either way.  This was a HUGE win for Aldo.  I finally now give him that Top P4P status.  The Hominick fight has always stuck in the back of my mind, but a win against Frankie Edgar totally heals that blemish.  Hopefully we get to see these guys fight again in the near future.  I hope Edgar stays at 145 because there’s lot’s of exciting potential fights for him there, and like I mentioned I’d love to see him earn a rematch.  And in what was the best news of the entire night, it looks like Aldo’s next opponent will be Anthony “Showtime” Pettis.  This fight on paper is a dream match up and I’m so happy Pettis decided he wanted to drop to Featherweight.  A fight between these 2 will be ridiculous.  Both are probably the most feared strikers in the lighter divisions.  Aldo’s striking is just so crisp and powerful, Pettis’s so flashy, and speedy, with pin point accuracy. This is without a doubt my most anticipated fight of 2013.

Side notes:

Anderson Silva v Chris Weidman has basically been made official.  Many people were saying that Silva is ducking Weidman but I don’t see it that way.  Silva gets a PPV cut, and I simply believe he’s looking for the major fights that will sell.  Weidman isn’t a huge name yet, and any fair weather fan will simply write this one off as Silva being fed someone with no shot.  However we all know that isn’t the case and Weidman is an extremely dangerous opponent to The Spider.  I believe the UFC wanted to give Bisping the title shot, simply because that one would sell, and Bisping would undoubtedly do a great job of taking on the role of the “heel” and selling the fight.  But when Bisping lost, that pretty much opened the door for Weidman. 

The bonuses for the card were 50k each. 

Fight of the Night: Jose Aldo v Frankie Edgar

K.O of the Night: Antonio Silva

Submission of the Night: Bobby Green

The show “Girls”

The show “Girls” is the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever watched.  I mean things have been worst but the fact that it just swept up mad awards at the Golden Globes makes my hatred for it reach new levels.  I’ve watched at least 3 episodes, so like almost anything I wouldn’t come here and write a blog without at least a decent sample size.

The best way I can classify this show is ” Sex and the City (WITH HIPSTERS)”.  God does this show just come off like hipsters do.  Pretentious, dumb, entitled and spoiled (how the fuck else is it winning academy awards?), and most of all FORCED!  All the dialogue just seems forced to me, and they disguise this problem with the lead character being sassy and quirky and never afraid to speak her mind (which just makes that character annoying, and unbelievable).  In my experience there’s not 1 likeable character on the entire show, it’s like each character is battling with the others to be the smartest, quirkiest, and most interesting person in the room (which just comes off as douchey).  This show just comes off  as this chick Lena Dunhams stupid hipster fantasies (I mean c’mon last nights episode that I watched she was doing cocaine with a guy named “LAIRD”, FUCK ANYONE AND ANYTHING NAMED LAIRD!!!!)  I just googled it and there’s also characters named “Marney” and “Shoshana” (Barf) The acting isn’t anything too special, no performances jump out at me.  The cinematography and directing doesn’t do anything special here.  So what the fuck is it that makes people enjoy this show?

I think part of it is people are enchanted by Lena Dunham.  Another theory I have is that the audience is two major demographics.  Old people who have no idea what a hipster is, and are just completely unfamiliar with people like this, so they cannot turn away.  The other group would be the “relatable’s” (OMG this show is soooo us, Joey is  so Laird and you are soooo Marney)  Now why the academy loves this show so much beats the hell outta me.  But then again they also voted “Silver Linings Playbook” for like a million awards.  I enjoyed that movie very much but don’t see how it’s an academy award winning flick.  Besides Deniro’s character I didn’t think anyone or anything about it jumped out at me.  In my book it was  just a really good “Rom-Com”.  So I’m clearly outta touch when it comes to this awards crap.  The bottom line is the show “Girls” is awful and when it’s on and I have to hear these fucking douchebags talk my skin literally crawls, and my blood literally boils.

The government/NSA has a file on your entire life!!

So try and tell me this isn’t terrifying and insane.  The government really doesn’t even care about giving us the illusion that we’re free and have a right to privacy anymore.  Everyone should 100% watch this 8 minute video made by the NY Times.  Remember in “The Dark Knight”, where Morgan Freemans character shows Bruce Wayne the new technology that basically is capable of spying on every US citizen? I’m not sure how it worked exactly but it basically gave them the power to wiretap every citizen using sonar technology that enabled them to listen to and locate every single citizen.  Well this isn’t the same exact thing but it reminds me of it and it’s totally FUCKED! 

The fact that this isn’t the biggest story in the country and basically no one is even aware of it boggles my mind.  Whats going on is that in Utah they are building a $2 billion complex ambiguously named “The Utah Data Center” and it should be up and running by September 2013.  To keep it short (I’ll just provide links about it for you) it will be the worlds largest database that keeps an electronic file on all US citizens.  So basically if they pull up your name- using satellites-they can pull up all your emails, cell phone records, credit card purchases, Facebook (or any form of social networking) posts, stock information, and pretty much anything done electronically all in 1 convenient file.  Now of course it’s illegal to look at this stuff unwarranted but nowadays with all these new laws (like the Patriot Act, and many others we don’t even really know about) all they need is any form of suspicion and they can look at your file.  And it seems to me that these guidelines are so murky and vague that they can basically do anything they want with it cuz A. Whos stopping them? B. Who’s overlooking this? and C. How the hell would any of us know?.  Just think of it, all those sexting sessions you were involved in and self nude photos you sent will now be stored in a database that anyone with clearance can just go ahead and look at. Fucked up right? You have to watch this video where people way smarter then me explain this and talk about how they can basically just spy into your entire life using these files.

So this is the link to the 8 minute video that EVERYONE should watch and be pissed off about.

and then here’s another in depth article about it.